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Playful Tots Special! UNIVERSAL STUDIO SINGAPORE SOFT OPENING Mar 18 2010 - Tips and Reviews

Hello Playful Tots Fans!! Universal Studio Singapore has finally opened, being the first of its kind in Asia! What is it all about? For those who's never heard of it before, it is a theme park brought over from L.A. and Orlando in the U.S, and it's all about movies. What's that in the background? Yes! Your background, you! the reader! I hear children screaming "mommy I want to go!" hehe.. Well if you are planning to go, Playful Tots was there on the opening day and we have exclusive tips, reviews and photos to give you a preview of what is going on.

How's the overall experience at Universal Studio Singapore? We would say that it's very enjoyable, we give it 4 stars out of 5 stars. Your experience might be different because it all depends on the weather. We went there in the morning and uh-oh dark clouds are coming, and sure enough the rain came, but then it stops and then it starts pouring again, and then it stops again. This goes on the whole day! Some rides are not open yet which is the reason for the 4 stars, but this was made up by the short queues to everything from shows, rides and food. Short queues? I thought ticket sales were sold out?? Emm.. no they are not! Despite claiming sold out by RWS (Resort World Singapore), you can actually buy tickets through, that's how we got tickets. So if you are planning to go just go to , it's the same price and same deal, without all the headaches of website not working, sold out situation, etc. The crowd is not at full capacity, and I think partly because they need to work out some technical difficulties, which happens from time to time, causing delays on some shows and rides. Understandable since this is the very first time Singapore has a theme park.

Warning: Some rides are stopped when it is raining, so there were some rides that we couldn't catch. But then again, the rain made the boat ride in Jurassic Park jungle so much more interesting. We wore raincoats that are sold in the park for SGD1.50 but we did get a little wet but that's so fun! So don't worry about the rain, there are lots of shelters around, plus it makes the experience unique and interesting. You can get wet anyways during the WATERWORLD show if you sit at the very front, so you can say getting wet is part of the fun experience at Universal Studio Singapore. What is the best attraction at Universal Studio Singapore? I would say check out the Mummy ride, which is one of the only ride not affected by the rain since it is indoors. The ride is so cool that we ride it twice! Of course there's also the twin roller-coaster, however, we gave it a miss because of the on and off again rain (psst plus we are too chicken to ride it hehe). Oh and the park is very kid friendly, there are lots of roller-coasters or rides designed just for kids, so we adults and kids can both enjoy the park.

For shows, check out "WATERWORLD", it's based on the Kevin Costner movie a long time ago, I don't know when, but during its time, it is one of the most expensive movies ever made but did not do as well as the Universal Studio version hehe..As you can see lots of shootings, explosions, jet ski stunts, boats...whew..I promise you there's enough action to keep the adrenaline running..The other show to catch is "Monster Rock", where this scientist makes the monster comes to life and sing hip songs like Britney Spears "This is my Perogative". Totally cool!

Tips at the park:

1. The lockers to put your stuff in at the park are one of the coolest I've ever seen! Type in your password, select your favorite colour, and the locker given to you is automatically opened, and locked when you close them. No keys required. Remember this tip though: All lockers rented has a fee! But the locker beside the Mummy ride lets you use it for 30 mins for free! So I suggest that if you need to put your stuff just for a while, use the locker at the mommy ride

2. There are lots of restaurants and food, but we love the roasted chicken and rendang selection at MADAGASCAR. Remember to use your $10 coupon during the soft opening period and pay as little as $3.50 for a delicious meal. Mels-Drive In delicious burgers are also recommended where you can dine in an American 1950-style experience.

3. Buy the $1.50 raincoats for the water ride at Jurassic Park or rain condition! Don't cheap out on these, although you will still get wet, you won't be that wet!! You'll enjoy being semi-wet but not totally drenched by the rain or the rides.

4. Go take pictures with Marilyn Monroe, Kung-fu Panda, Woody Woodpecker and pose!!Picture taken is as great a souvenier than any you buy from the shops.

5. Wear slippers to the park if you do not want to ruin your shoes if it rains. Plus it's so much more comfortable. If you do wear shoes, make sure it's not leather and it's waterproof. So go on bring your kids down to Universal Studios Singapore, it's quite a refreshing experience having Hollywood near your backyard!

We hope you enjoy the pictures and find our review and tips useful for an enjoyable time there. Have fun!

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"Dah dah o didi"--> 9-month old Playful Tots trying to say "Thank you for reading"


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