Friday, November 28, 2014

Our Cute Collection Nov :) (pls click on photo for link)

Playful Tots Kids' Fashion Updated


Monday, August 25, 2014

We are 5 years old! And news on our new location!

"Hi Moms and Dads, how are you?" Wow.. Playful Tots can speak rather fluently now that we are 5 years old! How time flies and here we are already in kindergarten! hihi! It's been a while since we last blogged but that's because we have been focusing on our customers and growing our wholesale business. To all our resellers reading this blog, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping Playful Tots strive for our ongoing mission, that is to "make Indonesian kids look cooler and more beautiful"

We will keep moving forward and distribute cuter, more beautiful..erhm well more everything! Namely fashion clothes, bags, accessories etc. for your loved ones! Why? Because we love kids! And it makes our day watching kids happy and confident when they wear our "Playful" clothes! .

What else is new? Oh that's right! We have moved to a new location! We've sport a new look too while keeping our signature pink and green store colors, it's pretty cool so come and check us out ok? Our new address is: Pasar Pagi Mangga 2 Lantai 4 Blok B No.78. We are on the same floor and if you come up by the lift you will immediately catch us to your left, cool isn't it?

Ok till next time when we blog again! Don't forget to visit us at our new location or you can also e-mail us at if you are interested in becoming our resellers.

Bye bye see you soon!


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Playful Tots Birthday Month June Promotion!!!

"Dad...Maam..Come..Play"--->Hi Daddies and Mommies, Playful Tots will be 1 year old this coming June 2nd 2010!! This baby can now speak little words, so cuttee! What is this toddler talking about? Well, we want to invite moms and dads to come to Playful Tots at ITC Mangga Dua Lt.5 Blok B No.57D and celebrate our Birthday month in June, for our Special Promotion!!


Promo 1: For purchases above Rp250.000 in a single receipt, we will give away a Gucci Bear all month long in the month of June or While Stock Last! We have hundreds of these to give away so hurry mommies come on down.


Promo 2: For purchases above Rp500.000 in a single receipt, we will give away a Mickey Mouse for boys OR a Minnie Mouse for girls in the month of June or While Stock Last!


Promo 3: For purchases above Rp1.000.000 in a single receipt, Giant Barney will accompany the lucky kid home in the month of June or While Stock Last! This special Giant Barney can sing when you touch his hand, singing "I love you, you love me, we are a happy family, with a big big hug and a kiss from me to you, won't you say u love me too..."

In addition to this, there will be lots of balloons in our store plus sweets for sweet-tooth kids when you are at Playful Tots.

Although our gifts are small, our thoughts that go along with it are big. Please understand that we have to keep our prices competitive, so that we can continue to beautify the children of Indonesia, because they deserve the best!!

We at Playful Tots are thankful for all the support that moms and dads have given to us for the past year, and we'll continue to look for the best-looking quality clothes at value prices. Please continue to support us!

"Dah Dah"--> 1-year old Playful says thank you!


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Playful Tots Special! UNIVERSAL STUDIO SINGAPORE SOFT OPENING Mar 18 2010 - Tips and Reviews

Hello Playful Tots Fans!! Universal Studio Singapore has finally opened, being the first of its kind in Asia! What is it all about? For those who's never heard of it before, it is a theme park brought over from L.A. and Orlando in the U.S, and it's all about movies. What's that in the background? Yes! Your background, you! the reader! I hear children screaming "mommy I want to go!" hehe.. Well if you are planning to go, Playful Tots was there on the opening day and we have exclusive tips, reviews and photos to give you a preview of what is going on.

How's the overall experience at Universal Studio Singapore? We would say that it's very enjoyable, we give it 4 stars out of 5 stars. Your experience might be different because it all depends on the weather. We went there in the morning and uh-oh dark clouds are coming, and sure enough the rain came, but then it stops and then it starts pouring again, and then it stops again. This goes on the whole day! Some rides are not open yet which is the reason for the 4 stars, but this was made up by the short queues to everything from shows, rides and food. Short queues? I thought ticket sales were sold out?? Emm.. no they are not! Despite claiming sold out by RWS (Resort World Singapore), you can actually buy tickets through, that's how we got tickets. So if you are planning to go just go to , it's the same price and same deal, without all the headaches of website not working, sold out situation, etc. The crowd is not at full capacity, and I think partly because they need to work out some technical difficulties, which happens from time to time, causing delays on some shows and rides. Understandable since this is the very first time Singapore has a theme park.

Warning: Some rides are stopped when it is raining, so there were some rides that we couldn't catch. But then again, the rain made the boat ride in Jurassic Park jungle so much more interesting. We wore raincoats that are sold in the park for SGD1.50 but we did get a little wet but that's so fun! So don't worry about the rain, there are lots of shelters around, plus it makes the experience unique and interesting. You can get wet anyways during the WATERWORLD show if you sit at the very front, so you can say getting wet is part of the fun experience at Universal Studio Singapore. What is the best attraction at Universal Studio Singapore? I would say check out the Mummy ride, which is one of the only ride not affected by the rain since it is indoors. The ride is so cool that we ride it twice! Of course there's also the twin roller-coaster, however, we gave it a miss because of the on and off again rain (psst plus we are too chicken to ride it hehe). Oh and the park is very kid friendly, there are lots of roller-coasters or rides designed just for kids, so we adults and kids can both enjoy the park.

For shows, check out "WATERWORLD", it's based on the Kevin Costner movie a long time ago, I don't know when, but during its time, it is one of the most expensive movies ever made but did not do as well as the Universal Studio version hehe..As you can see lots of shootings, explosions, jet ski stunts, boats...whew..I promise you there's enough action to keep the adrenaline running..The other show to catch is "Monster Rock", where this scientist makes the monster comes to life and sing hip songs like Britney Spears "This is my Perogative". Totally cool!

Tips at the park:

1. The lockers to put your stuff in at the park are one of the coolest I've ever seen! Type in your password, select your favorite colour, and the locker given to you is automatically opened, and locked when you close them. No keys required. Remember this tip though: All lockers rented has a fee! But the locker beside the Mummy ride lets you use it for 30 mins for free! So I suggest that if you need to put your stuff just for a while, use the locker at the mommy ride

2. There are lots of restaurants and food, but we love the roasted chicken and rendang selection at MADAGASCAR. Remember to use your $10 coupon during the soft opening period and pay as little as $3.50 for a delicious meal. Mels-Drive In delicious burgers are also recommended where you can dine in an American 1950-style experience.

3. Buy the $1.50 raincoats for the water ride at Jurassic Park or rain condition! Don't cheap out on these, although you will still get wet, you won't be that wet!! You'll enjoy being semi-wet but not totally drenched by the rain or the rides.

4. Go take pictures with Marilyn Monroe, Kung-fu Panda, Woody Woodpecker and pose!!Picture taken is as great a souvenier than any you buy from the shops.

5. Wear slippers to the park if you do not want to ruin your shoes if it rains. Plus it's so much more comfortable. If you do wear shoes, make sure it's not leather and it's waterproof. So go on bring your kids down to Universal Studios Singapore, it's quite a refreshing experience having Hollywood near your backyard!

We hope you enjoy the pictures and find our review and tips useful for an enjoyable time there. Have fun!

P.S: For more pictures do join our fan page at Facebook and check out Playful Tots special album Universal Studios.

"Dah dah o didi"--> 9-month old Playful Tots trying to say "Thank you for reading"


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rooaarr to the Year of the Tiger 2010!

"Gwah Gwah" --> Playful Tots say hi to fans and friends wishing them a belated Happy New Year 2010. We are happy to say this infant has grown to be a toddler at 8+ months old. Yess!! Can't believe that this is our very first post of 2010! If you have followed our wall on Facebook, you'll know that PT has been very busy in the month of January! We sold a record number of clothes in the month of January in retail and wholesale, so thank you moms and dads for supporting not only our business but our mission in beautifying the children of Indonesia.

Playful Tots has some exciting news for retailers and wholesalers in the New Year 2010, we've been given sole distributorship for a well-known children clothes company, MAGIAN KIDS. Magian has been around for many years and have presence in Japan, Korea and other big name countries. They are well-known for their quality in material and design, so mom and dads if your clothes is Magian, quality is guaranteed. Besides that, their clothes are unique and affordable, which is perfect for PT's mission in making children of Indonesia cute and fashionable. Wholesalers interested in becoming our agent for their city, are welcome to apply to Please indicate your usual sales volume per model, as well as leave us your contact number.

Due to strong demand in January 2010, there are many new unique clothes that we have brought in for your kids moms and dads! We are sorry but we do not have time to update everthing in our catalogue this time round because some are already sold out before we have time to upload to Facebook or our catalogue. Our best advice is to go to our store and check out the goodies, and we hope you'll like what we've brought in. Fans who are new to PT, do note that we are very picky in terms of design and quality, so be assured that if you buy from us you only get the BEST! Why? Simply because we are passionate in what we do, and we want your kids to look cute and fashionable. That really give us a huge satisfaction in what we do.

Fans outside Jakarta there's no need to be dissapointed, because we are looking to update our catalogue soon. For those who have bought from us before through the web, we will give you the latest pictures but it will only contain the product codes with no prices or sizes. Some of you have bought from us this way, so this isn't a problem. Do send in the request for the latest pictures without prices or sizes to or write your request on the wall of our fans page in Facebook.

Whew! That's a pretty long blog. So until next time Playful Tots fans! Let's hear the tiger roar this coming February 14 2010, incidentally, this date is also Valentine's day, so there's that added meaning. PT also heard that the Singapore Casino is opening during this period, quite exciting news! From all of us at Playful Tots, we wish fans and friends a very happy and prosperous Year of the Tiger 2010!

"Dah dah"--> Thank you!


Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Holiday Season is here!

"Gwah gwah" --> Playful Tots says hi to moms and dads, how are you? It has been a while since we've last blogged. As the holidays come, we are experiencing our busiest season yet! We'd like to thank once again to our fans for coming and shop at our store at Mangga Dua. We hope that your kids look good because if they don't look good, we don't look good hihi!

Time really flies Playful Tots fans and we are officially 6 month-old +, this baby is growing fast, and just like a 6 month old baby, we are learning to crawl and stand on our two feet...oops! fall again, but don't worry moms we will try to stand again ok and eventually the meantime do give us your support and love, and we will do our best, 'cause we love you too moms!

Holiday season is here, Playful Tots would like to wish everybody a belated Merry X'mas and Happy New Year! We hope that next year will be a great year for everybody. We at Playful Tots have several things lined up but we are not ready to reveal them yet. While it seems that we have been quiet in our online activities, we have actually been working very hard to improve our operations while expanding our customer base at the same time. We have plans to be more active online, so fans please give us time.

In case you didn't know already, we have new clothes that just came in, and because of the holidays and everything we haven't got time to take the pictures, because we send them right away to our shop for moms to do their holiday shopping. Enjoy your shopping moms! For fans that are out of Jakarta, don't worry we will update our new clothes soon. TTFN Playful Totters Ta-ta-for-now!


Monday, November 23, 2009

Playful Tots November catalogue is here!!

"Gwah gwah"--> 5-month old Playful Tots has good news mom and dads. We've been working really hard and finally, our November catalogue is here! Just like all kids growing up to be better, we have also grown and made lots of improvements to our November catalogue.

Our November catalogue is our biggest yet! We have 300 over pictures for girls fashion and almost 200 pictures for boys fashion clothes. Our photos has also improved in quality, plus there are front, back, side and close-up views for clothes we think are necessary. We have also improved the accuracy of the sizes for each clothing, so that you can be sure that the size you bought suits your child best. Note that our size is based on normal sized kids. This is one reason why we took a little longer time to finish our catalogue, it's not easy mommies 'cause we have to improve the accuracy for a larger number of clothes. So thank you for your kind patience.

Our new catalogue also feature our PROMO for the MONTH OF NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER. Look out for the words "HARGA SPECIAL", meaning special price, for the various clothes that are limited in quantity. These clothes do not have a complete selection of sizes left, so if your kids are lucky to be of that size hurry and get them mom! They are still of Playful Tots' best quality clothes just at a mark-down price!

For mommies and daddies who want to know what is hot, look out for the words "PRODUK HOT!!" which means hot products!! These are what is popular right now and some are selling fast in our stores. For example the MICKEY AND MINNIE swimming costumes and clothes are selling really hot at the moment! Not many of these are left even though we have re-stocked them...boy are these hot!! Also for most of our selection, we provided insights to the quality of the material and design, so that you feel like you are shopping physically at our Playful Tots store mom!

For those who wish to obtain our catalogue, we need:
1. Your e-mail address
2. Your kid's age
3. Your kid is boy or girl?

Reach us at

We at Playful Tots will keep striving to improve and make the children of Indonesia look cute and cool, so keep supporting us ok moms and dads! "Dah dah" --> Thank you

-->little bit of trivia for Playful Tots fanatics, if you look at the background of each picture you will see a pink and green background, that is our trademark and identity :)


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Playful Tips #3: How to select clothes for your kids

“Gwah gwah” --> Whew! It’s been a while since Playful Tips #2 but Playful Tots is ready to kick start the month of November with Playful Tips #3. Mommies, do you know that guiding your child in choosing their clothing is an important aspect of their development as growing children? So remember to enjoy every moment of selecting their clothes with them while you still can, because one day they will do so on their own when they are older and complain that you are ‘old-fashioned’…hihi just joking Mommy dearest, you will always know what’s best for your child.. ^.^

Comfortable is most important

Every parent has different tastes when selecting clothes for their precious ones, be it boys or girls. However Mommies, remember that children are very active little human beings and they need to wear clothes that are comfortable, so that they will not be irritated by their clothes while enjoying their active lives. So first rule is, choose clothes that are comfortable, soft and light to wear, and those that do not tear easily during wash.

Cotton as the choice material

For your kids’ active lifestyle, they really need clothing that is soft, can absorb sweat easily, cool and do not cause irritation to their skin. The answer is COTTON. Cotton clothes fulfill all the above criteria, and in addition cotton clothes are very comfortable to wear. Alternative good materials to choose from are silk and wool.

If you can, do avoid clothing made from acrylic or polyester for your kids. Clothes made from these materials trap the sweat from your children and also are very tight when worn. Due to these factors, your kids can easily contract skin diseases, and also tight clothing can also affect your children’s normal growth.

Choose according to what they like and their personalities

Mommies should always ask their children’s opinion when shopping with them for their clothes, to know how and what they think of the clothes chosen. Even better, let them have fun choosing clothes on their own and while you guide them with your opinions and inputs. This way you can train them to choose their own appropriate clothing.

There are several ways to choose according to your children’s personality. For example, for boyish girls, mommies should not ignore choosing pants for their clothing. During warm seasons, you can choose t-shirts and short pants for them to wear, while during cold seasons you can choose a sweater and long pants for them to wear. If you dress them that way, they will more free and cheerful during their boyish activities such as going to picnics, to the park.

Skin Colour

For kids that have dark skin tones, mommies can select clothes that look more natural and bright. Colourful clothes can lift up their dark skin tones, and make them look more cheerful and full of life.

For kids that have light skin tone, mommies can have more freedom in choosing clothes for them. Colourful clothes such as pink, yellow, or bright red will show their cute and cheerful side, while darker colour clothes will show their suaveness and elegance.

Body shape

For kids that are large in size, mommies are advised to choose clothes that are slightly darker in colour, for example, dark red, brown or green. With these darker colours hiding their curves, your loved ones will look better and give them more confidence.
For kids that are small in size, do choose colours that are warm or light, for example orange, yellow or red. These will give the look of warmness and make them look more toned.

Kid’s Age

The design and characters on your children’s’ clothes can be differentiated according to their age. For example for kids’ age 2 to 10 years old, can choose clothes that have their favorite cartoon characters or cute animals or wordings, to show the imp in them. On the other hand, for kids’ ages 10 to 16 years can choose clothes according to what they like. Patterns such as flowers, leaves, or box shapes can be used for all ages.

For kids’ age 2 years and below, do remember to put “safety” above all else when buying their clothes. Check the buttons and the pins on the clothes, whether they are firmly sewn on to the clothes. This is important as during these age kids tend to put small objects into their mouth as their food or toy.

Have fun mommies!

Actually, the moment of joy is when we see our cute little loved ones, enjoy choosing their own clothing. This is also a good opportunity for them to express themselves and show their personality, so cuttee…Of coz, mommies you should give a little guidance when training them to come up with their own style, for example, letting them know which combination of colours matches. Enjoy the moments mommies, till the days that they no longer go to you for advice anymore…so saaddd…but keep your smile always okay Mommies? We will always love YOU no matter what!

A word from Playful Tots

Hope you enjoyed Playful Tips #3 from Playful Tots. Just remember mommies, that Playful Tots has selected the best children’s clothing in terms of quality and price. We will always put quality in terms of design and material first, then we will price the clothes so that they will be affordable to most mommies. That is the reason why our clothes are guaranteed to be comfortable and safe for your kids. Playful Tots will continue to pursue its mission to beautify the children with cool clothes, so please continue to support us ok mommies? “Dah dah” -->Thank you.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Special Treat from Playful Tots! F1 photos from Singapore GP

Above photos: Practice laps day 1 at the Singapore GP

Hi everybody, Playful Tots has a special treat for our fans and friends. We were at the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix night race for all 3 days! As you know Lewis Hamilton won the race, with Vettel coming in Second and Alonso, the previous winner of the Singapore GP, coming in 3rd. We got great seats at the bay grandstand, 3rd row from the front!! But unfortunately, we forgot our cameras, so we have to settle with taking pictures using our camera phone. But nevertheless, we got good pics, so enjoy!!

Those of you who don't know, it's very very very hard to catch these moving cars on camera! Because in a blink of an eye these cars are gone!! Yes that's how fast F1 cars are, not to mention the high decible noise they make when zooming past us. I have to click on my camera 5 secs before they come into the frame of my camera hehe!!

The champion Lewis Hamilton making his drivers' parade lap! He must be thinking hellooo F1 fans I am going to win here!! PT is lucky we got this shot because we arrived just in time to take his picture believe it or not this is the only picture we got from the drivers' parade because they only make 1 lap around the circuit.

Lewis Hamilton clocking a fast lap for his qualifying lap!

Sebastian Vettel at qualifying, I forgot how he did in qualifying but he came in second in the race.

Great view of the Singapore Flyer from our seats! I have to say the view is awesome and you can really feel the tension of the race from the sound of the machines and the crowds.

Start of the race for where we are seated! Sounds of F1 cars zzooming past is like music to our ears!

Lewis Hamilton on race day! Go go go! Would have been awesome if he was to challenge Michael Schumacher at this track, sadly Michael did not make it back to Ferrari.

Victory lap of Lewis Hamilton, sorry this is the best shot I have. My phone camera ran out of battery and this is taken using the Blackberry phone sux!


Playful Tots back from long holiday n looking for talented individuals!

"Gwah gwah" --> hi hi everybody Playful is back from its long lebaran holiday! We are ready to go to work, search and find more cool and great-looking clothes for your kids. Give us a little time ok? By the way don't forget to snap up the clothes at our store at Mangga Dua 5th floor because they won't be around for long, our cute clothes are almost all gone there are only few sizes left for each model so if you are lucky enough you just might get it! C'mon on down now to Mangga Dua, especially since it is soooo quiet now, it's like you are a VIP, no jam, easy to find parking, full service when you shop at Playful Tots hehe!

Playful Tots is now 4 months old and along the way we have many challenges but this baby is looking strong enough to face them "yesh yesh". We have big plans and we are looking for talented individuals to join us, so if you are interested send us your resume to The position that we are offering is management trainee, where we'll train you for 6 months to 1 year to become our inventory, accounting, store or e-business manager according what we think you are talented in. This position is open to fresh graduates and those with 1 to 2 years experience in retail. We'll respond to you by phone or e-mail if we like what you have to offer. One important point to note is that you must be able to work in Jakarta!

To our loyal customers, Playful wants to thank you for your support in our infancy. We hope that you will continue to support us, and we will try our best to improve all the time to serve you better. Please continue to support us as we want to bring the best looking quality clothes for your kids in Indonesia at reasonable prices, it is our mission and we continue to work hard towards this belief.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Playful Tips #2: 8 principles in washing baby clothes (0-2 years-old)

“Gwah gwah” --> Playful Tots in its 3-month old baby-speak is excited to teach mommies how to wash baby clothes the right way with Playful Tip2 No.2! Babies’ laundries often pose a headache for newborn mommies because every day, the clothes they wear are prone to dirt, milk and urine stains. Oh dear! How do I clean these dirty baby clothes?

Playful Tots’ 8 principles in washing baby clothes (0-2 years-old):

1. Do separate baby clothes from your family’s clothes when doing laundry to prevent infectious diseases. At this stage, your baby’s skin is still very much sensitive, and diseases that may not affect adults can be transmitted to your child. So please wash your clothes separately from your babies!

2. Babies’ inner wear and outer wear should also be washed separately. Typically babies’ outer wear gets dirty more easily than their inner wear, plus babies’ inner wear are in direct contact with your babies’ skin. Thus, separating wash for their outer and inner wear can prevent infectious skin diseases. Also, since most of the baby clothes are made by cotton, it can get dirty easily, so it is important that they are maintained clean.

3. Baby clothes should be washed by hand and not machine washed. The germs that are inside your washing machine may be negligible to adults, but it can harm your baby. As your babies’ resistance to germs is still very low, they are more susceptible to skin diseases or other allergies. If you insist on using a washing machine, do buy a small one that is used exclusively for your babies’ clothes.

4. Choose a detergent specially made for babies. When selecting detergents to clean the baby clothes, it's better to use detergents that are specially designed for babies or skin sensitive detergents rather than normal detergents. This can significantly reduce the occurrence of skin allergy in infants. First, soak the clothes with warm water with babies’ detergents for 10-20 minutes and then rinse with water until the clothes are clean. If you don’t have access to babies’ detergent, then do use ordinary soap instead of normal detergent.

5. Stay away from concentrated detergents or bleaching detergents for your babies’ clothes. Many of you moms will be asking: Isn’t it better if we wash our baby clothes with concentrated detergents or bleaching? Actually, concentrated detergents or bleaching detergents makes it harder to rinse your babies’ clothes till they are clean. The most practical way of eliminating the existing bacteria in baby clothes is drying it under the sun.

6. Baby clothes should be rinsed till it’s soap-free. Whichever detergent or soap you use, rinsing your babies’ clothes properly is one of the most important steps in your washing your baby clothes. Your baby clothes should be rinsed with clean water from to 2 to 3 times. If not rinsed properly, your babies’ clothes will still have the traces of detergents and these can cause infant skin allergies.

7. Dry your baby clothes the right way. After your baby clothes are washed and rinsed, they should be dried under the sun, as this will kill those germs that are still on the clothes. Although your baby clothes will be more easily damaged this way, mommies do not worry. Your baby at this stage will outgrow the clothes he or she wears quickly, so your baby will probably be using bigger clothes before his or her clothes get really damaged by the sun. Avoid areas that have less exposure to the sun and places that have no ventilation, as this will cause germs to contaminate in the clothes.

8. Clothes that are stained must be washed immediately. Your baby clothes’ are always in danger of coming into contact with stains from drink, chocolate, milk, tomato juice and others. These stains are not easy to get out, especially if the clothes are kept for 1 to 2 days before washing. Thus, Playful Tots advice moms to clean those stains by washing your babies’ clothes immediately.

So mommies, push yourselves to be a hard-working moms. Hope that you find Playful Tips No.2 useful and remember them when doing your babies’ laundries. “Dah-dah” --> Playful Tots say thank you in its baby-speak.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Playful Tots revisited- how we started


Hello everyone! If you are here you are probably curious…

Who is Playful Tots ("anak yang suka bermain" in Indonesian)? Who are we? Why are we here? We started as parents who love their daughter very much, and the story and eventually the journey for our store begins.....

.....As parents we love our kids very much and always provide the best for our children. We wanted to dress up our daughter, and buy some nice clothes for her but we were dissapointed with the selection that the Indonesian market carries. It is really hard to find nice clothes! We went to the mall, even the brand name malls in Jakarta, and the clothes are very dissapointing. There are a few kid's clothes that caught our eye, but we have to shut our eyes when we go to the cashier's to pay for them, if you know what I mean!

"Ok fine, we said", if the Indonesian market do not carry the selection that we want, we will bring the clothes in ourselves. You see, our daughter is growing up fast, and there is not many opportunity to photo her at ages 3 month-old, 6 month-old or 1 year-old. Her face and body is changing at such a rapid pace, and we want to capture her wearing nice and cute looking clothes.


The journey then begins....we begin sourcing for the clothes we want, while we can't disclose much details due to competition, we want you to know the most important thing: WE ONLY CHOOSE THE BEST! This means that we do not care if some of our suppliers are big name companies or small companies, we will only take the best of what they offer, no compromise. This is why we are different, and this is why our store feels different in terms of look and our offerings.

If this is the case why aren't other people doing this you may ask? Surely all other stores pick only the best if they want to sell.....the answer to this is really simple, it is not easy doing this. First our eyes are already trained to pick the right clothes, and what do we mean by that? We are experienced travelers all over the world from the U.S.A to Australia, to Hong Kong, China, Europe so we know what is "nice". Second, we are multi-lingual, so we are able to communicate and negotiate effectively, and search all over the globe for the best kid's clothes at decent prices. Third, unlike some other stores, we are PASSIONATE and we CARE about what we do every single day, and we seek to improve every day, yes that's right! Every day!


Just like our kids, we will evolve rapidly during our early years, and will continue to evolve but at a slower pace when we become 'adults'. We want to grow, evolve and eventually blossom to become a recognized brand worldwide known for good quality, high fashion kids clothing. That is our vision.
Our mission is to make Indonesian kids look super cool and fashionable, pretty and cute with our range of clothing from Playful Tots. We hope to achieve that by only selecting the best quality kids’ fashion clothing at reasonable and affordable prices. Remember, we only CHOOSE THE BEST for your kids!


When you shop with us, we want you to experience the whole concept, from our customer service, to our bright 'playful colours', to our selection of kid's clothes which we think are 'eye candies'. Plus! With our prices being reasonable and affordable, you'll find that our prices are either cheaper or equivalent to all malls even when the malls have their so-called 'sales', so please shop with confidence!
We hope to cater to all your kids’ fashion needs in one stop because why go anywhere else, and waste time and money searching for nice clothes at other stores? We have selected the best kids’ clothing in terms of design and quality, so that you can be assured that whatever you choose will be talked about by fellow parents.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Playful Tots on Yahoo! Messenger

"Gwah gwah"--> Playful Tots has good news friends and fans! Now Playful Tots has installed Yahoo!Messenger so that we can facilitate your questions and orders faster! Just add our ID and we'll tend to you while we are online.

Friends who wish to chat with us can also go to and chat with us through our Yahoo! Messenger Ping Box. There you can chat with us privately as our chats will not be published to the public. Those who do not have Yahoo!Messenger installed yet can chat to us through this function.

"Dah dah" --> Playful Tots wants to say thank you in its 2-month old speak. We'll keep working hard to improve our business operations and give you the best children's clothes and the best service!


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Playful Tots - we have grown! (English Version)



"Hesh hesh" Playful Tots says hi to friends and fans, it's been a quite long time since we blogged (about 1 week), and Playful misses you guys and gals very much! We have been busy working on our big project (hmm what is it?), making our store better and lots of other stuffs. But we want you to know that we cherish our fellow bloggers and fans on facebook very much, and we will never forget about you!

We want to show you guys and gals Playful Tots' change from 1 week old to 2 month+ old: When we started, Playful Tots is a cute but tiny little baby, just like a newborn is as you can see from the picture. Look at how it has grown, Playful Tots is now a little bit bigger and more cheerful ;)We have now a wider selection of kids' fashion clothes, plus we now have a more complete product range, with shoes, ribbons, socks, stockings and all kinds of other accesories. Playful, how you have grown! Let's give Playful claps of encouragement so that one day it can find the strength to stand up and walk. "Clap clap".

Besides just looking at the pictures, we have lots of other improvements that can only be felt rather than viewed. So friends and fans in Jakarta, come on down and visit us! For out-of-town friends, don't forget to visit us when you are shopping for your Hari Raya Idul Fitri needs, we want your kids' to look fashionable during that special week! We are located at ITC Mangga Dua 5th Floor (the top floor) Block B No.57D, we are on the hallway just beside Akun Tailor.

"Gwah?" ...wait a minute, oops! Playful says there are friends that are confused as to how to get to our store..Ok Playful don't worry, we shall show our friends how to get there shall we? Please follow the photo instructions below:






"Gwah gwah" --> Playful is excited because friends now know how to get to us. I know! we are excited too Playful! Friends and fans we can't wait to meet you! Hope you have a pleasant shopping experience with us!

"Dah dah" --> Playful says thank you!


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Playful Tots celebrating its 2-month old birthday! (English version)

"Hwehh gwa?", hi Playful, yes! You are 2-month old..+ 1day, and growing up fast! Hi fans and friends, in a blink of an eye, Playful Tots has reached its 2 month old birthday! We opened on June 1st 2009, and things has progressed really fast. In barely 2 months, we have quite a good response from our shop at ITC Mangga Dua Lantai 5 Blok B 57D Jakarta. Not only that we have over 1000+ fans in facebook already, following us.

Yes fans and friends, plus our dear customers, it's thanks to you that we exist! We hope that your kids will look more fashionable because of us. Keep supporting us because we want to keep bringing to Indonesia the best selection of kid's clothings at reasonable prices. Remember we only select the best in terms of price, quality and design. Those who have shopped with us, thank you for your kind comments, we will do our best and continue to improve.

We've received a few complaints regarding the shopping experience over the web from our customers, and we would like to acknowledge that. We hope that you'll understand that our main business is from our shop presence at ITC Mangga Dua, and we were actually surprised by the huge response from our fans. During the week, we were overwhelmed by e-mails plus we are short-handed as a new business, but please know we tried our best to serve all of you.

Now that we are older, we are growing our team slowly by recruiting the right people for our infant company. Yes, during the growing up period our "Playful Tots" has experienced a stumble here and there like any toddlers. We hope that you'll continue to act as our "parents" and keep showering us with love and support, in return we will keep finding the courage to learn to walk one day.

We want to give thanks to our fans in facebook for their support. We will keep promoting in facebook, although we have stopped advertising for a while due to overwhelming request. Fans in facebook and blog, please be patient, we will have promo events soon ;), u know what that means..

Those who contacted us through the web please stay tuned, we have plans to address your need and we will reveal it when the time is right.

"Da dah!" (Thank you!)---> Playful Tots


Friday, July 31, 2009

Facebook, Schumi, economy...things look good again! (English version)

"Gwah gwah" -->Playful Tots is all cute and happy! Things are looking up again! First of all, two thumbs-up to Facebook for getting their website up to speed again. I waited a couple of days just to make sure it isn't just working for 1 day, and they proved that it's up and working now!

Second, for those who don't already know get ready to catch 8-time world champion Michael Schumacher in action once's like Michael Jordan coming out of retirement!!! I can't wait to watch him race against the so-called baby Schumi, Lewis Hamilton who just got back his form with his first win at Budapest, oh babeee...Yes, his comeback is just temporary till Massa gets back, but I think all of us will agree that Massa should take his time to recover ;).

For those living in Asia, I think it is very likely that come this September, we can catch Schumi at the Singapore Grand Prix!!!! After all, his comeback is scheduled in August. Playful Tots has tickets to this event, and we will post pictures of Schumi in Singapore if we are lucky enough to get a glimpse of the great one. Well, we are crossing our fingers and toes that everything goes well, after the great dissapointment of Man U not coming to Jakarta.

To close, guess what? Economy is looking up again, The Dow is strong, the Asian stocks are strong, I believe that we can make a difference to the economy as long as we keep working hard and contribute our talents here on earth to offer people what they want. So keep working hard people!! Hopefully, this post can make a difference, just as the post of our complaint of Facebook, got their website going again, hehe!

Yes Michael in the above picture, we are excited!! Let's get Playful!


Monday, July 27, 2009

Facebook slow, anyone experiencing the same problem?

Playful Tots
Banner Left 03

I have always been a fan of Facebook but now it's become a little frustrating, it is slow when loading sometimes. Sometimes it's ok, but sometimes it's very slow and I just give up opening the pages. Fans of Playful Tots in Facebook, please know that if your request has been slow in response it's because Facebook is slow at certain times of the day, and I will only open the pages later. Thank you all for your support.

Anyone experiencing what I'm going through, please make your voice known so that hopefully Facebook will catch on to this and fix this problem. Share this story with your friends on your Facebook profile page by clicking the "f share" button below.

Playful Tots


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Playful Tips for 1-2 Years Old

English version

"Mamh mah", our 2-month old Playful Tots is uttering its first words! So cute! Hi parents and friends, Playful Tots has decided to launch its blog series called "Playful Tips". Here we will share some tips for parents on how to play or educate our toddlers. Here's our first Playful Tips:

Tip on how to play and educate your 1-2 year old kids:

Preparation: When changing your toddlers' clothes, lay out his or her clothes on the bed, for example, a blue t-shirt and a pink shorts.

How to play: Place your loved one on the bed and direct him or her to the clothes that you want him or her to get to you. For example, say "Playful (ur kid's name), can you get mommy the blue t-shirt?" If your loved one is right, clap your hands in encouragement, and say "Yay that's right, you are so smart!" and re-emphasize that "Yes my dear, that's right! This is a blue t-shirt!" and proceed to put the blue t-shirt on for him/her.

If your loved one get it wrong, do still praise him/her but correct him/her: "Very good my dear, but you know this is a pink shorts not a blue t-shirt!" And then, let him/her find again the right clothing for you.

Game's effect and result: Your 1-2 year olds will be able to differentiate a variety of colours, and heighten their skills in knowing and understanding different objects.

Have a Playful Time with your Tots!!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hannah Montana clothes has arrived!

"Gwah Gwah!", what's our Playful Tots so excited about? Ohhh...Hannah Montana clothes has arrived at Playful Tots as promised. And Hannah is going to sing at Playful Tots! Come on down! Haha "gotcha", I was just kidding boys and girls, but what if she did?

Ok ok, enough with the teasing...come on down to Playful Tots at ITC Mangga Dua Lantai 5 BlokB 57D, we are located on the hallway, or e-mail us to order at, hurry we have only limited stocks of these clothes!


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Share our stories on your Facebook profile!

"Hessh Hessh" that's our 2-month old Playful Tots saying hello to fellow blog followers. We hope that you've enjoyed our stories and news so far. But don't you sometimes wish that your friends can read it too on Facebook? You want them to know what you've read but you scratch your heads how??

Good news Playful Tots have added a feature that have made it easier to share our stories with your friends. Look at the "Share F" icon on the right side of our blog page or the one below, and you simply click on it. After that, login to your Facebook account, add your own personal thoughts and message, and then at the "choose a thumbnail" click right or left to see which of the stories you want to share with your friends. Then just click 'share' and the story you choose will appear on your Facebook profile page. It's that simple!

The story that you choose will be published in your profile, and your friends can read it. For all our stories, there will be the facebook share icon at the bottom. Also, the icon will also be on the right side of our page for easy access. Give it a try now!