Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Playful Tots revisited- how we started


Hello everyone! If you are here you are probably curious…

Who is Playful Tots ("anak yang suka bermain" in Indonesian)? Who are we? Why are we here? We started as parents who love their daughter very much, and the story and eventually the journey for our store begins.....

.....As parents we love our kids very much and always provide the best for our children. We wanted to dress up our daughter, and buy some nice clothes for her but we were dissapointed with the selection that the Indonesian market carries. It is really hard to find nice clothes! We went to the mall, even the brand name malls in Jakarta, and the clothes are very dissapointing. There are a few kid's clothes that caught our eye, but we have to shut our eyes when we go to the cashier's to pay for them, if you know what I mean!

"Ok fine, we said", if the Indonesian market do not carry the selection that we want, we will bring the clothes in ourselves. You see, our daughter is growing up fast, and there is not many opportunity to photo her at ages 3 month-old, 6 month-old or 1 year-old. Her face and body is changing at such a rapid pace, and we want to capture her wearing nice and cute looking clothes.


The journey then begins....we begin sourcing for the clothes we want, while we can't disclose much details due to competition, we want you to know the most important thing: WE ONLY CHOOSE THE BEST! This means that we do not care if some of our suppliers are big name companies or small companies, we will only take the best of what they offer, no compromise. This is why we are different, and this is why our store feels different in terms of look and our offerings.

If this is the case why aren't other people doing this you may ask? Surely all other stores pick only the best if they want to sell.....the answer to this is really simple, it is not easy doing this. First our eyes are already trained to pick the right clothes, and what do we mean by that? We are experienced travelers all over the world from the U.S.A to Australia, to Hong Kong, China, Europe so we know what is "nice". Second, we are multi-lingual, so we are able to communicate and negotiate effectively, and search all over the globe for the best kid's clothes at decent prices. Third, unlike some other stores, we are PASSIONATE and we CARE about what we do every single day, and we seek to improve every day, yes that's right! Every day!


Just like our kids, we will evolve rapidly during our early years, and will continue to evolve but at a slower pace when we become 'adults'. We want to grow, evolve and eventually blossom to become a recognized brand worldwide known for good quality, high fashion kids clothing. That is our vision.
Our mission is to make Indonesian kids look super cool and fashionable, pretty and cute with our range of clothing from Playful Tots. We hope to achieve that by only selecting the best quality kids’ fashion clothing at reasonable and affordable prices. Remember, we only CHOOSE THE BEST for your kids!


When you shop with us, we want you to experience the whole concept, from our customer service, to our bright 'playful colours', to our selection of kid's clothes which we think are 'eye candies'. Plus! With our prices being reasonable and affordable, you'll find that our prices are either cheaper or equivalent to all malls even when the malls have their so-called 'sales', so please shop with confidence!
We hope to cater to all your kids’ fashion needs in one stop because why go anywhere else, and waste time and money searching for nice clothes at other stores? We have selected the best kids’ clothing in terms of design and quality, so that you can be assured that whatever you choose will be talked about by fellow parents.


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