Friday, September 11, 2009

Playful Tips #2: 8 principles in washing baby clothes (0-2 years-old)

“Gwah gwah” --> Playful Tots in its 3-month old baby-speak is excited to teach mommies how to wash baby clothes the right way with Playful Tip2 No.2! Babies’ laundries often pose a headache for newborn mommies because every day, the clothes they wear are prone to dirt, milk and urine stains. Oh dear! How do I clean these dirty baby clothes?

Playful Tots’ 8 principles in washing baby clothes (0-2 years-old):

1. Do separate baby clothes from your family’s clothes when doing laundry to prevent infectious diseases. At this stage, your baby’s skin is still very much sensitive, and diseases that may not affect adults can be transmitted to your child. So please wash your clothes separately from your babies!

2. Babies’ inner wear and outer wear should also be washed separately. Typically babies’ outer wear gets dirty more easily than their inner wear, plus babies’ inner wear are in direct contact with your babies’ skin. Thus, separating wash for their outer and inner wear can prevent infectious skin diseases. Also, since most of the baby clothes are made by cotton, it can get dirty easily, so it is important that they are maintained clean.

3. Baby clothes should be washed by hand and not machine washed. The germs that are inside your washing machine may be negligible to adults, but it can harm your baby. As your babies’ resistance to germs is still very low, they are more susceptible to skin diseases or other allergies. If you insist on using a washing machine, do buy a small one that is used exclusively for your babies’ clothes.

4. Choose a detergent specially made for babies. When selecting detergents to clean the baby clothes, it's better to use detergents that are specially designed for babies or skin sensitive detergents rather than normal detergents. This can significantly reduce the occurrence of skin allergy in infants. First, soak the clothes with warm water with babies’ detergents for 10-20 minutes and then rinse with water until the clothes are clean. If you don’t have access to babies’ detergent, then do use ordinary soap instead of normal detergent.

5. Stay away from concentrated detergents or bleaching detergents for your babies’ clothes. Many of you moms will be asking: Isn’t it better if we wash our baby clothes with concentrated detergents or bleaching? Actually, concentrated detergents or bleaching detergents makes it harder to rinse your babies’ clothes till they are clean. The most practical way of eliminating the existing bacteria in baby clothes is drying it under the sun.

6. Baby clothes should be rinsed till it’s soap-free. Whichever detergent or soap you use, rinsing your babies’ clothes properly is one of the most important steps in your washing your baby clothes. Your baby clothes should be rinsed with clean water from to 2 to 3 times. If not rinsed properly, your babies’ clothes will still have the traces of detergents and these can cause infant skin allergies.

7. Dry your baby clothes the right way. After your baby clothes are washed and rinsed, they should be dried under the sun, as this will kill those germs that are still on the clothes. Although your baby clothes will be more easily damaged this way, mommies do not worry. Your baby at this stage will outgrow the clothes he or she wears quickly, so your baby will probably be using bigger clothes before his or her clothes get really damaged by the sun. Avoid areas that have less exposure to the sun and places that have no ventilation, as this will cause germs to contaminate in the clothes.

8. Clothes that are stained must be washed immediately. Your baby clothes’ are always in danger of coming into contact with stains from drink, chocolate, milk, tomato juice and others. These stains are not easy to get out, especially if the clothes are kept for 1 to 2 days before washing. Thus, Playful Tots advice moms to clean those stains by washing your babies’ clothes immediately.

So mommies, push yourselves to be a hard-working moms. Hope that you find Playful Tips No.2 useful and remember them when doing your babies’ laundries. “Dah-dah” --> Playful Tots say thank you in its baby-speak.


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