Sunday, October 4, 2009

Special Treat from Playful Tots! F1 photos from Singapore GP

Above photos: Practice laps day 1 at the Singapore GP

Hi everybody, Playful Tots has a special treat for our fans and friends. We were at the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix night race for all 3 days! As you know Lewis Hamilton won the race, with Vettel coming in Second and Alonso, the previous winner of the Singapore GP, coming in 3rd. We got great seats at the bay grandstand, 3rd row from the front!! But unfortunately, we forgot our cameras, so we have to settle with taking pictures using our camera phone. But nevertheless, we got good pics, so enjoy!!

Those of you who don't know, it's very very very hard to catch these moving cars on camera! Because in a blink of an eye these cars are gone!! Yes that's how fast F1 cars are, not to mention the high decible noise they make when zooming past us. I have to click on my camera 5 secs before they come into the frame of my camera hehe!!

The champion Lewis Hamilton making his drivers' parade lap! He must be thinking hellooo F1 fans I am going to win here!! PT is lucky we got this shot because we arrived just in time to take his picture believe it or not this is the only picture we got from the drivers' parade because they only make 1 lap around the circuit.

Lewis Hamilton clocking a fast lap for his qualifying lap!

Sebastian Vettel at qualifying, I forgot how he did in qualifying but he came in second in the race.

Great view of the Singapore Flyer from our seats! I have to say the view is awesome and you can really feel the tension of the race from the sound of the machines and the crowds.

Start of the race for where we are seated! Sounds of F1 cars zzooming past is like music to our ears!

Lewis Hamilton on race day! Go go go! Would have been awesome if he was to challenge Michael Schumacher at this track, sadly Michael did not make it back to Ferrari.

Victory lap of Lewis Hamilton, sorry this is the best shot I have. My phone camera ran out of battery and this is taken using the Blackberry phone sux!


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  1. hehe just feel the zoom zoom zoomah zoom!
    a special treat indeed!

    button is world champion 2009! yaay...
    and they said kimi can't drive... what a shame... he's my sister's fave.