Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Playful Tips #3: How to select clothes for your kids


“Gwah gwah” --> Whew! It’s been a while since Playful Tips #2 but Playful Tots is ready to kick start the month of November with Playful Tips #3. Mommies, do you know that guiding your child in choosing their clothing is an important aspect of their development as growing children? So remember to enjoy every moment of selecting their clothes with them while you still can, because one day they will do so on their own when they are older and complain that you are ‘old-fashioned’…hihi just joking Mommy dearest, you will always know what’s best for your child.. ^.^

Comfortable is most important

Every parent has different tastes when selecting clothes for their precious ones, be it boys or girls. However Mommies, remember that children are very active little human beings and they need to wear clothes that are comfortable, so that they will not be irritated by their clothes while enjoying their active lives. So first rule is, choose clothes that are comfortable, soft and light to wear, and those that do not tear easily during wash.

Cotton as the choice material

For your kids’ active lifestyle, they really need clothing that is soft, can absorb sweat easily, cool and do not cause irritation to their skin. The answer is COTTON. Cotton clothes fulfill all the above criteria, and in addition cotton clothes are very comfortable to wear. Alternative good materials to choose from are silk and wool.

If you can, do avoid clothing made from acrylic or polyester for your kids. Clothes made from these materials trap the sweat from your children and also are very tight when worn. Due to these factors, your kids can easily contract skin diseases, and also tight clothing can also affect your children’s normal growth.

Choose according to what they like and their personalities

Mommies should always ask their children’s opinion when shopping with them for their clothes, to know how and what they think of the clothes chosen. Even better, let them have fun choosing clothes on their own and while you guide them with your opinions and inputs. This way you can train them to choose their own appropriate clothing.

There are several ways to choose according to your children’s personality. For example, for boyish girls, mommies should not ignore choosing pants for their clothing. During warm seasons, you can choose t-shirts and short pants for them to wear, while during cold seasons you can choose a sweater and long pants for them to wear. If you dress them that way, they will more free and cheerful during their boyish activities such as going to picnics, to the park.

Skin Colour

For kids that have dark skin tones, mommies can select clothes that look more natural and bright. Colourful clothes can lift up their dark skin tones, and make them look more cheerful and full of life.

For kids that have light skin tone, mommies can have more freedom in choosing clothes for them. Colourful clothes such as pink, yellow, or bright red will show their cute and cheerful side, while darker colour clothes will show their suaveness and elegance.

Body shape

For kids that are large in size, mommies are advised to choose clothes that are slightly darker in colour, for example, dark red, brown or green. With these darker colours hiding their curves, your loved ones will look better and give them more confidence.
For kids that are small in size, do choose colours that are warm or light, for example orange, yellow or red. These will give the look of warmness and make them look more toned.

Kid’s Age

The design and characters on your children’s’ clothes can be differentiated according to their age. For example for kids’ age 2 to 10 years old, can choose clothes that have their favorite cartoon characters or cute animals or wordings, to show the imp in them. On the other hand, for kids’ ages 10 to 16 years can choose clothes according to what they like. Patterns such as flowers, leaves, or box shapes can be used for all ages.

For kids’ age 2 years and below, do remember to put “safety” above all else when buying their clothes. Check the buttons and the pins on the clothes, whether they are firmly sewn on to the clothes. This is important as during these age kids tend to put small objects into their mouth as their food or toy.

Have fun mommies!

Actually, the moment of joy is when we see our cute little loved ones, enjoy choosing their own clothing. This is also a good opportunity for them to express themselves and show their personality, so cuttee…Of coz, mommies you should give a little guidance when training them to come up with their own style, for example, letting them know which combination of colours matches. Enjoy the moments mommies, till the days that they no longer go to you for advice anymore…so saaddd…but keep your smile always okay Mommies? We will always love YOU no matter what!

A word from Playful Tots

Hope you enjoyed Playful Tips #3 from Playful Tots. Just remember mommies, that Playful Tots has selected the best children’s clothing in terms of quality and price. We will always put quality in terms of design and material first, then we will price the clothes so that they will be affordable to most mommies. That is the reason why our clothes are guaranteed to be comfortable and safe for your kids. Playful Tots will continue to pursue its mission to beautify the children with cool clothes, so please continue to support us ok mommies? “Dah dah” -->Thank you.


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